Fire Disaster Response

For those residents who have property that has been directly impacted due to the wildfire disaster and have questions, a monitored phone line has been established at the Department of Environmental Health (408) 918-3411.  The public is encouraged to view our webpage on “Fire Disaster Response” which covers water wells, septic systems, and solid waste disposal.  If you have further questions contact us directly at (408) 918-3411 or email at [email protected].

Water Wells

As an owner of a private domestic water well that may be damaged by a wildfire, you may have some concerns about fire related impacts to your well water systems.  Click here for more information.

Septic Systems (Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems)

Onsite wastewater (septic) systems have most of their functional components below ground and are typically more resistant to fire damage.  However, it is important to inspect your system for damage to PVC piping above or near the ground that may have been impacted by heat.  If your wastewater disposal system has been damaged, or if your system is backing up or malfunctioning, discontinue use and contact us at (408) 918-3411, email us at [email protected] or visit our Onsite Wastewater Treatment System website for guidance and instruction on repair and restoration of the system.   Click here for more information regarding Post-Fire Septic Frequently Asked Questions.

Hazardous Waste and Debris Removal

Every year, California faces the threat of devastating wildfires that have the potential to claim lives, destroy property, and harm the environment. These disasters often create a significant amount of debris, which can include ash, metal, concrete, building materials, contaminated soil and hazardous materials. Disaster debris must be removed and properly managed to reduce threats to public health and safety, protect the environment, and help communities recover and rebuild.  Click here for more information.  Click here for more information.​​

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​Fire Recovery and Safety Information

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