• Enable anonymous access

    Anonymous access allows users to view the pages on this site without logging in. This is useful when creating internet facing sites or sites where you want everyone to have access to read the content without editing.

  • Manage navigation

    Change the navigation links in this site.

  • Go to master page gallery

    Change the page layouts and master page of this site collection.

  • Manage site content and structure

    Reorganize content and structure in this site collection.

  • Set up multilingual support

    Use the variations feature to manage multi-lingual sites and pages.

  • Add users to the Approvers and Members groups

    Users in the Approvers group can publish pages, images, and documents in this site. Users in the Members group can create and edit pages, and they can upload images and documents, but they cannot publish the pages, images, or documents. Workflow is enabled in the Pages library, and content approval is enabled in the Documents and Images libraries.

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