Filing Complaints

The Department of Environmental Health maintains this website to facilitate easy access to environmental health resources, including information on how to file complaints directly with Consumer Protection, Hazardous Materials Compliance, or Solid Waste divisions. You may file a complaint in person, by phone, online, or by mail. Select the appropriate button below to submit a complaint.

We Do Not Investigate:

  • Concerns regarding unsafe drinking water associated with an individual, shared, or state small water system can request to have their water tested at one of the Valley Water Certified Laboratories.
  • Disputes regarding shared well water rights are a civil matter and not regulated by the department.
  • Anything unrelated to food safety, such as the level of service received, that type of complaint is not within our legal jurisdiction and should be directed to the food facility manager, owner, or corporate office.
  • Garbage in residential or commercial lots within city limits should be directed to the appropriate city code enforcement department.
  • Sanitary sewer overflow areas connected to sanitary sewers should be directed to the sanitary district, appropriate city public works or code enforcement department.
  • Illegal dumping or discharge into storm drains or creeks, unusual odor near a storm drain, and water leaks flowing into a storm drain. For more information, please visit the Watershed Protection Division.
  • Neglected and unmaintained pools or spas are inspected for mosquito breeding issues by Santa Clara County Vector Control District. To report a neglected pool or spa, you may submit a District online service request, call 408-918-4770, or email [email protected].

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