General Complaints

Food Safety

Retail food facilities, such as restaurants, bars, bakeries, and grocery stores that sell food and beverages directly to consumers. To report food poisoning, you may submit an online foodborne illness complaint form. Be prepared to provide the information below. Please note, you will be directed to a different site to file your complaint. 

  • Food facility name and address;
  • ​​​Your name and phone number, including the names of others who ate with you;
  • ​​​​​A count of people that also became sick, including those that did not get sick; 
  • Information about your illness: the time you ate, the time you became ill, symptoms you experienced, and length of time your sickness continued;
  • List of all the food and beverages consumed by you and each person you were with; and 
  • Whether you saw a physician and if you have lab results.

We do not investigate

Anything unrelated to food safety, such as the level of service received, that type of complaint is not within our legal jurisdiction and should be directed to the food facility manager, owner, or corporate office.


Complaint Form

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